• Height: six feet exactly
  • Weight: 152 lbs
  • Hair: black
  • Hair Style: long, straight, perfect balance between messy and groomed
  • Eyes: intense blue


  • Primary: St. Claire Elementary (New York)
  • Secondary: Richmond High School (California)
  • Higher Education: TBA


  • Father: Jason Jay Amato
    • Status: 42, CEO of Macintosh
  • Mother: Aphrodite
    • Status: Age: Unknown - Goddess of Love and Lust
  • Other relatives: None
    • Status
  • Pets: Bruce, Hershey, Kisses

School DetailsEdit

  • Year arrived at Richmond
    • Freshman
  • School Activities involved in:
    • Hockey Captain
    • Theatre - Actor
    • Student Council - Vice President
  • Best Subject:
    • Sex Ecucation
  • Worst Subject:
    • Math


  • Friends: Chicago, Dream, Jaimes, Sarafina, Semper, Tamara, Vince, everyone else!
  • Enemies: Bear (sometimes Chicago!)
  • Lovers: Chicago, Jaimes, Semper
  • Anything else: Er---


Sage was born in New York only knowing his father Jason Amato. His father, being the CEO of Macintosh computers, was always busy with work. Sage was left to entertain himself. With the money he had, he threw parties, got into drinking, and had all sorts of fun. Sage was to take over his father's business when he was requested to go to Richmond High School for demigods and humans. Sage, not wanting to grow up yet, decided to attend and here he is now! A senior at RHS.

Sage is your typical son of Aphrodite. He's a charmer and he's cocky about it. He knows his way to a girl's heart and will do anything to get to it. He's not too interested in love, but he'll probably be caught blind sided. When he does fall in love, it will be intense. Sage is usually a laid back guy, but he's extremely loyal and he will lose his temper if you mess with his friends.


  • Played By: Tori!
  • Face Claim: Alex Evans
  • Hometown: New York
  • Nicknames: Just Sage usually
  • Age: Eighteen
  • Avatar: later
  • Signature: later
  • Link to theme song: forgot it! D: *searches through youtube*

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