LTGD has just recently voted and put up its OTM awards for February! Congratulations to all our winners <3

January 2011 Winners:

~Regular Male: Dodger Moore

~Regular Female: Sarafina Scott

~Demigod Male: Sage Amato

~Demigod Female: Chicago Eastlyn

~Couple: Sage Amato and Bear Keeni

~Enemies: Bear and the World

~Thread: You Know You Want It {Sage and Bear in the Locker Room.}

February 2011 Winners:

~Regular Male: Ryan Savant

~Regular Female: Hana Tachibana

~Demigod Male: Semper Capone

~Demigod Female: Tamara George

~Teacher: Adam Duncan

~Couple: Vincent Cypher and Dream Winter

~Enemies: Vince and Bear

~Thread: Breaking Point {Becca & Bear}

~Member: Dream

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