• Height: gdsgsdgs
  • Weight: gdshgsg
  • Hair: dark brown/black
  • Hair Style: Long and wavy most of the the time with side bangs
  • Eyes: intense blue


  • Primary: gdsgtsgtsg (State)
  • Secondary: Richmond High School (California)
  • Higher Education: TBA


  • Father: Michael Lloyd Eastlyn
    • Status: Age: vgsgsdgsd - Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic
  • Mother: Aphrodite
    • Status: Age: Unknown - Goddess of Love etc
  • Other relatives: None
    • Status
  • Pets: Diesel

School DetailsEdit

  • Year arrived at Richmond
    • Freshman
  • School Activities involved in:
    • Cheer Squad Captain
    • Student Council
    • Theatre - Actress
  • Best Subject:
    • Sex Education. Then Math
  • Worst Subject:
    • Art


  • Friends: Sage, Semper, Vince, Dream, Tamara, Sarafina, Renzo. Most people
  • Enemies: Bear (most of the time.) Sometimes Sage. Jaimes
  • Lovers: Sage. Semper eventually. Adam Duncan
  • Anything else: i dont think soooo :S


background here


  • Played By: Lyssa?!
  • Face Claim: Zooey Deschanel
  • Hometown: Hell, Michigan
  • Nicknames: Yankee Hick Lincoln, Lincoln for short (Semper). ChiChi (Renzo)
  • Job/s: Assistant Manager - Local Gucci Store. Model.
  • Age: Seventeen
  • Demigod Siblings: Sage Amato, Tamara George, Azrael Braddock, Christopher Pike, Allan Fox
  • Avatar: later
  • Signature: later
  • Link to theme song: Thinking of you by Katy Perry. Link to come.

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